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Total Business Spending - $953

April 19th, 2006 at 07:32 pm

My total business-related spending has reached $953 so far. $375 of this was related to a home-study course I bought through eBay on how to effectively launch new products.

My total is up almost $600 from when I last reported my business-related spending. Another big expense was a $99 for a merchant account for accepting credit card payments. (Let's hope people are using their debit cards!)

Now that we're living in our own home again (and actually paying for our lodging), I won't have much extra money to spend on business-related purchases.

Let's hope the book sells when I release it next month!

(Incidentally, I've been using a COOL web application called Basecamp to manage my project. They have a free account available. Check it out if you need to manage any projects.)

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