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Taguchi Method for some side income

April 26th, 2006 at 09:10 am

I am about 3/4 done writing my book. I still have some more expenses before I can hope to make any money on it -- these include book cover design (around $400), printing a few copies to send to potential affiliates (about $50). I also may need to prepay some of the book printing costs before I sell any -- this may be a couple hundred dollars.

I came across some info yesterday related to marketing. It dealt with a method of increasing conversions on your website. Typically marketers use "split testing." A much more accelerated method is called "The Taguchi Method."

I'll spare the details, but I ended up purchasing some software called KaizenTrack for $197 to help me increase conversions on my website. It comes with a money-back guarantee, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Anyway, I was so impressed with the program, that I figured I could make some side income as an affiliate. I spent an hour or two last night setting up a Taguchi Method blog and then writing an article to direct traffic there. I also set up a google adwords campaign. The commission is 50%, so I'm hoping to make a few hundred dollars in the next month to help pay for the book publishing. We'll see.

6 Responses to “Taguchi Method for some side income”

  1. Neil Meadows Says:


    I have been following your blog for a while........I have been enjoying it. I was intersted in Kaizentrack though, because I have also bought it......impressive isn't it? What do you think about Ciprian's non existent documentation though?? I have be in the I.T. industry for many years, and I just can't get with a software product with no explanation of how to use it!!! You say you are a coder!!! how about this for a starter idea? You write an e-book on exactly and I mean EXACTLY (step-by-laborious boring step), basically a user manual, how to configure, how to setup, and MOST importantly how to interpret the stats, I will turn that e-book into a multimedia presentation, then we can either have a site each and cross-sell to our lists or one site and using share-a-sale or Clickbank we can affiliate or something.....let me know of you are interested. My name is Neil Meadows, my email address nmeadows@netsupporterz.demon.co.uk

  2. David Jardine Says:

    I've read your blog on the taguchi method, and I have purchased the Kaizen Track software, but have to say I am more than dissappointed.

    The videos they provide to show the end user how to use their software are inadequate to say the least. The narrator goes over the software and skips key areas completely. For example, there isn't ANY video to show the user how to use or 'decode' the results that are returned form the Taguchi test. So how is my client supposed to know which is converting the best?

    No explanation is provided at all? This is the KEY area ... the entire POINT of the software, and they don't even have a video to cover it. Unreal! I guess my client will have to be psychic, pay me to figure it out for him, or figure it out for himself.


    The support they offer... so called 'King Treatment' is non-existent. It takes them more than 24 hours to answer one email. When I am in a development project with a client, I cant afford to wait 24 hours for customer support, for EACH email. A simple exchange of emails, takes 4 days to get a simple answer. That's 4 days of lost revenue, and increased fees my clients have to face while I deal with ... Romania?

    My pet peeve is the software assumes the user has a lot of knowledge, but doesn't add in any help files.

    For example, split test tracking in HTML pages 'requires' the user to choose the javascript method of tracking. The 'image' method of tracking ONLY works in PHP, but nowhere is this noted in the software or manual or videos. It required emails - 3 days this time - to solve that.

    The PHP Split Test destroyed the html of the file it created for me to upload. I have tried it 3 times now, and each time I get uncertain, and broken results. The error is obvious, as it is exporting escaped html tags, which is PHP safe, directly to the browser... which is mangling the output. I ended up with ... erratic results to tsay the least. So I decided to use the Taguchi test itself, which created the first problem I mentioned.

    The documentaion is non -existent, no peer support forums (which undoubtedly would have solved these irritations), and 24 hour turn around for support emails makes this software a serious headache to use. The $197 price is way too expensive for a script that has cost my client now in excess of $1300 in lost revenue, and additional fees to me.

    I am requesting a refund and purchasing a $500 dollar script simply for the superior level of documentaiton and support. Even at $197, a script that is a waste of TIME is a waste of MONEY!

    I give away HUNDREDS of minisites each day to newbies and advanced users alike. I can not in any conscience recommend this product to anyone but the most advanced user with PHP experience and lots of patience to work it out for themselves.

    Definitely not a matured script designed for new users. It apepars to have been built in a hurry to cash in on the Taguchi craze for the internet marketing industry.

    David Jardine.

    Oh, and why am I posting this here? Because Kaizen Track has NO forum for feedback, or complaint handling. Buyer beware.

  3. dwight Says:

    I also decide to buy even after reading Dave's comments. It will be interesting to see the results and I didn't want to spend $500. I bank on the refund

  4. ciprian Says:


    I'm Ciprian from KaizenTrack. I look all over the web to find feedback about KaizenTrack and to provide any help in case it is needed.

    Because we didn't had a support documentation to better explain the software, we decided to build a knowledgebase and to also have a support forum.

    Here are the links to these:



    The KaizenTrack software is great and everyone who used it was really impressed with it. However the support part was indeed a problem so I hope these two new additions will provide the needed help.

    Warmest regards,

  5. Luv Says:

    Hey David Jardine, that's time to stop now ! OK you're disappointed ! We know. You put your words on as many places as you can all over the internet. So now shut up and stop whining ! Maybe the problem is YOU, not the software nor the support. :-)

  6. Lars Says:

    Spend a little more and get the Split Test Accelerator. Seriously. This guy knows his stuff. Get on his list. Check out his blog. Buy his software. Use it. I bought it after hearing many recommendations. If you have the right kind of site, it rocks!

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