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Made $10,000 Yesterday!

February 21st, 2007 at 06:58 pm

I've really been gaining ground! I took the proceeds of my Content Spooler software and paid a programmer to develop a network where websites can automatically trade articles with one another.

While he did the programming, I did the marketing and mailing list building.

Content Spooling Network launched yesterday to my list. I made $10,000 yesterday and another $7,000 today! I offered a one-time payment option of $299 or $450 for a higher plan and made about 50 sales.

Next week I'll officially launch the product and offer a monthly payment membership of about $30 per month.

My goal is to get $30,000 in the bank (6 months income) and get the monthly recurring revenue to exceed my current monthly income. Then I can quit my job!

7 Responses to “Made $10,000 Yesterday!”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    That's great!!! I'm a programmer also and looking for ideas to help with our baby step 2.

    Keep up the good work! Will be praying for you.

  2. bobby Says:

    So what's the latest update on your situation? You haven't posted in a while

  3. Steve Says:

    What exactly are you selling?

  4. lilah Says:

    congratulations on your success.... did you develop the software or did you pay a programmer to write it? It just goes to show you that all you need is a good idea to make it Smile !

  5. Ian Says:

    Love to hear about the software and buy it.

  6. Debt elimination Says:

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